Algerian Dates Exporter & Supplier

South valley Dates is a leading exporter of Algerian Fresh Dates to the, UK, Canada, and Norway.

About Us

Our dates brand “South valley Dates” is familiar around the world. We are synonym to guaranteed quality as Algeria Fresh Dates.

Algeria Dates Exporter & Supplier

South valley Company is leading Algeria Dates Exporter & Supplier of GMO Free and Gluten Free Fresh Conventional & Organic Dates,  Fresh& Dried Dates, Pitted Dates,  Diced Dates, Chopped Dates,  Whole Dates from Algeria

We are registered

Additionally, we are registered with Souf Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Algeria serving our customers worldwide since 2016.

Algeria Dates Exporter & Supplier

We are regularly exporting our dates to our customers in various region of the world. That includes UK, Canada, & Norway. They uses our dates for their confectionery, organic energy bars and other food related products.

Why Us?

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Our Vision

Our Mission

Algeria Fresh Dates Exporter & Processor

Our Dates processing facilities are located at Eloued, Biskara District and the shipments for export are handled from Algiers and Skikda seaports


South valley Dates takes care of the whole date sorting process, so as to preserve the quality of Algeria Fresh Dates. Beside this, we’ve Dates graders and processing machine with sorting options for weight, size and color.


At South valley we take care of every steps of cleaning, heat treatment, drying, fumigation, irradiation, moistening, pitting and pasteurization. People call us “Dates Fruit Processing Experts“.


If you’re looking for a high quality Algeria Fresh Dates, then we have been for 05 years successfully exporting to countries such as EU ,Canada, and the Middle East


Bulk packaged in food grade polythene lined cartons of 1Kg, 5Kg or as required by the customer